The Sommelier rice

Can you recognize a good quality rice? As for wines, rice too has its sommeliers able to recognize the added values of rice, the most suitable food pairings and possible defects. To recognize a quality rice, the rice sommeliers first suggest opening the package and smelling it: if the rice smells like starch, dried fruit or straw everything is ok, but if it smells unpleasant, such as rancid and mold, it means that it has not been well preserved and it must not be consumed. Pay attention also to stains and impurities among the grains: in good quality rice, the grains are uniform, without defects and breakages, which may compromise the good cooking resistance. If you want to prepare the best recipe, pay attention to the variety you use: choose Carnaroli for risotto, Originario for soups and desserts, brown rice and white rice with a needle-shaped grain for salads and side dishes.