Cascina Cavallina, Agricultural Company specialized in rice production.

The story of the Lovati Agricultural Company was born in Italy during the second post-war period, when agriculture and farming were two important sources for the economy. It was 1963 when Luigi Lovati rented Cascina Cavallina in Borgolavezzaro, a stable in the ’40s still in good condition. Located in a borderland between the Piedmontese province of Novara and the Lombard Lomellina, a typical area for the rice cultivation, Cascina Cavallina began its agricultural and farming activities. With the crisis of the dairy sector, in the 80s the son Virginio abandoned the farming and devoted himself only to the cultivation of rice. Meanwhile, the sons Luigi and Elena dedicated to their studies: the first immediately chooses the agrarian route, the second follows the Faculty of Law in Milan, even if the passion towards her land was stronger, bringing her back to the countryside together with her brother. Today Elena and Luigi Lovati lead the family farm following the sense for tradition and respect for their own environment, always looking for innovation and sustainability regarding the cultivation techniques.